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What Do You Do With an English Degree?

My major is confusing people a bit. Is it possible that most older students want to get into the popular fields of healthcare, IT or psychology, and not English? Perhaps, but for those who know me, my major isn't too surprising, being a writer and all. But everyone has the same question, "What do you do with an English degree?" To answer that you just need to go on Indeed and check out job openings or visit Dear English Major, a very supportive website for those with an English calling. The possibilities are vast. You can work as an editor, a content writer, or in any number of marketing departments of large corporations. You can go into technical writing, or provide content for websites. The point is that there is a definite need for someone who cares about putting together a coherent sentence. Just go onto the internet if you don't believe me. You could also chase a former dream of mine of moving to Seattle, working for IMDB, interviewing celebrities, and writing content for their site (yes, it's a real job).

You could also chase my current dream, and long-time career fantasy (other than that short stint when I wanted to be Julie on The Love Boat) and become a teacher. High school English, creative writing professor, literature all sounds amazing. Every once in a while I let myself daydream and dwell on stereotypical fantasies of large halls filled with eager students, and talking about writing and/or literature all day long. I would wear shirt dresses with oxfords, thick framed glasses, carry an beautiful leather satchel, and spend my time meeting with other professors gabbing about novel, and short story anthology ideas. My office would have wall-to-wall dark wood shelving, and I can see myself counseling bright stars of the department.

Then I wake up. Teaching is not for the meek and can often be a thankless calling with long hours, and frustrating red tape. Yet for all the cons, the pros of encouraging students to read, write, and think in a whole new way seem well worth it. From what my instructors and teacher friends tell me that is the stuff that keeps them coming back semester after semester and year after year.

Of course in my line of thinking why not do it all?! Teach full-time, moonlight at IMDB, write a short story anthology, and maybe, just maybe, take a summer position as a cruise director on The Love Boat while simultaneously doing a book tour.

There is a lot to be said for daydreaming!

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